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Amy Fuhr: [email protected]

Michael Ludwig: [email protected]

4th Grade FAQ


Can you put my child’s homework online so I know what is expected each night?

We communicate the students homework through the planner which will be brought home by the student each night. In addition, any work expected at home will be communicated through your student's Google Classrooms.

What do you mean by “math facts”?

Math facts are the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems (5+8, 8x4 etc). It is important for students to know these math facts, and students who don’t know them will often struggle with 4th grade level math.

Math facts can be practiced in a variety of ways. There are many free apps, games online, printable worksheets and flash cards, songs, videos, etc. Practice, practice, practice is the key to mastering the facts.

How can I find the AR level of a book?

Go to Enter the title of the book or the author, and it will tell you the book level. 4.5 is a mid 4th grade level book, 4.9 is a high 4th grade level book, etc.


Personal Electronic Devices:

All 4th grade students at Acres Green will be provided with a Chromebook which they will use at school. As such, students will need to keep their personal electronic devices in their backpacks while at school. There may be exceptions but this will be communicated with the parents and students ahead of time.


Students need working headphones or earbuds at school every day. If your child breaks or loses his or her headphones, please replace them as soon as possible. Thank you!

Birthday Treats We will honor our students at school on their  birthday by including them on morning announcements. Classroom teachers are always more than welcome to acknowledge in their own personal way. We do not allow food or special treats to be brought in to share as birthday treats.