General Information

1st Grade General Information

Helping Students to do their Best

In general

  • Label personal property - Please write names on lunch boxes, clothing and backpacks.

  • Double tie shoes - 1st graders should know how to tie their shoes by mid year. This is a valuable life skill, and we appreciate your help in teaching your child to do this skill.

  • Keep a jacket in their backpack - You never know when the weather will change, and we go outside for recess on most days.

  • Students will be required to wear their mask at all times while in the building. We encourage guardians to practice hand washing procedures with their child.

Eating at School

Brain Break/Snacks - Please pack one healthy snacks separate from lunch.  Snacks need to be prepped and ready to eat including silverware if needed. Good snack ideas includes fresh fruit or vegetables, cheese and crackers, breakfast bars, dried fruit, boxed raisins, yogurt, protein bars. We will have snack time outside each afternoon.

Water - Drinking water throughout the day will keep your child's brain going strong! Labeled water bottles are required! 

Celebrating Birthdays

Birthday Treats - Classroom teachers are always more than welcome to acknowledge in their own personal way. We do not allow food or special treats to be brought in to share as birthday treats.

Coming Home on a Regular Basis

Home Reading- Classroom teachers will assign books at your child’s level to read online through raz-kids. We recommend you have your child read for at least 20 minutes daily. 

Thursday Folders - Friday Folders are provided by the school to use throughout the year. Folders go home on Friday and inside you will find your child's work and important papers from the teacher or school. Please send the empty folder back to school on Monday/Tuesday, depending on your students cohort. 


First grade students will enter their classroom from the outside classroom door. 


First Grade students will leave the classroom through the outside door.