Mrs. Koch's Art Class


Dear Acres Green families,

We are partnering with SilverGraphics to celebrate creativity and raise needed funds for our school! You will have the opportunity to order your child's art printed on a wide range of products like magnets, ceramic mugs, canvas totes, and ornaments. Items will arrive in time for the holidays. These make great mementos and unique gifts for family and friends!

Every student will be able to participate, whether they are learning in-person or remotely!

For students who have completed a project at school, we will ship it to SilverGraphics for uploading to our private Online Art Shop. Virtual learners will be able to UPLOAD ART from home. All families will be able to upload multiple pieces of art, something your child created in the past, a new drawing, or both. Sibling art, family projects, and photographs are also accepted!

Our Online Art Shop will open on November 11.

Now's a great time to select any additional art you want to upload from home, or create something new. Go through those art bins and find the pieces you love the most. Take time to review SilverGraphics Guidelines for Creating and Uploading Art where you'll find art tips and specific instructions on how to get your art into digital format for uploading.

Watch for ordering instructions coming soon...

Look at what we're learning in art!

Grade Level

Project Description

State Standards 


The Dot Painting

S2 Notice and discuss what can be seen in works of visual art and design.

1st Grade

Rockin In Our School Shoes Project

S1. Investigate how visual art and design tell the many stories of people, places or things

2nd Grade

Name Creatures

S2. Share and explain choices made and possible next steps in personal works of visual art and design.

3rd Grade

Name Symbol Design

S1. Investigate works of art and design to recognize how to create meaning with purpose and intent.

4th Grade

“What’s Your Super Power?” Figure Drawings

S3  Investigate ideas of personal interest to plan and create works of visual art and design

5th Grade

Radial Print Design

S3 Apply an understanding of art processes and studio skills to create works of art and design

6th Grade

Design a Flag

S3 Explore various media, materials and techniques used to create works of visual art and design.


Red Week

Green Week

Gold Week

Blue Week 


Plan Time

Plan Time

Plan Time

Plan Time


Adaptive Art

6th Grade Roach

6th Grade Poland

Library Duty


Plan Time or Library

3rd Grade Crespin

3rd Grade Braun


5th Grade Childress

5th Grade Berg






1st Grade Rutledge


1st Grade Middleton 


K Witte

K Hammerschmidt

K Gornell


4th Grade Fuhr

4th Grade Ludwig




2nd Grade Clode

2nd Grade Minellono

Bus Duty

Bus Duty

Bus Duty

Bus Duty

Art Mission Statement:
In art class, we will work together to reach our full creative potential. We promise to behave, stay safe, clean our space and be respectful. We will work hard and always put forth our best effort. We will grow as artists while having fun, taking risks and learning from our mistakes.

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Mrs. Koch has been teaching art at Acres Green Elementary since 2014 and taught elementary art in Garden City, Kansas two years before that. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a BFA degree in art education. She enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, playing the ukulele, sewing and playing with her puppy Lola.