General Info

Birthday Treats We will honor our students at school on their birthday by including them on morning announcements. Classroom teachers are always more than welcome to acknowledge in their own personal way. We do not allow food or special treats to be brought in to share as birthday treats.

Absences -  We understand that life does happen, and school will be missed. But, I would like to ask for your student to be at school as much as possible. Every day missed of school is 7 hours missed of instruction and one-on-one time. If your child does miss school, please try to inform me before so we can gather any missing assignments, and I can review all work beforehand for better understanding. If it is an illness or an unexpected circumstance, PLEASE encourage your student to read a minimum of 30 minutes each day.

Snacks - Unhealthy snacks will not be allowed to be eaten in the classroom. Please send healthy brain food for your student.
Some Examples:
Baked snacks
Granola bars
Popcorn (please send already popped)

Homework - Homework should take no longer than one hour to complete each night.  It is not meant to be frustrating, only to be practice.  If it is taking much longer or seems frustrating, please initial the homework or send me a note the next day.  

In regards to homework, this is typically what you can expect:
30 minutes of independent, on-level reading every night.  
One math practice page (front & back)
Anything that does not get finished during class will become homework. 
Occasionally the kids will have projects, or other assignments relating to what we are doing in class.

Cellphones - Students are welcome to bring their cellphones to school. Although, once in the classroom, all cellphones are required to be turned off until the end of the day. If you need to contact your student you may call the front office or email me any messages that need to be passed on.