Safety First

Reinforce these key pointers at home:

  • Strangers are anyone who you do not know, even if you have seen a person before or recognize them from school or the community
  • Strangers come in all age groups, male and female
  • Strangers may be nicely or shabbily dressed
  • Strangers may be walking, in vehicles, on a bicycle, on the playground, or on our street
  • Strangers look for ways to identify and call us by name (a name tag, name on a backpack, etc.) so that we are more comfortable being approached
  • Strangers may ask for help (directions, use the phone, car trouble, etc.)
  • Strangers may offer an incentive to come close (candy, a puppy in the care, etc.)

If approached by a stranger:

  • Run toward an occupied house of someone you know or a building (like the school if it is open)
  • Yell as loudly as you can
  • Remember details about the person, car (license plate numbers) bike, etc.

General Safety Rules to Remember

  • Always come to the playground with an adult, even if you are with a friend. (School grounds outside of school hours are often targets)
  • Walk home with someone such as a friend or family member - never walk alone
  • Always stay close to home when playing and never be away from your house alone
  • Make sure Mom and Dad know where you are and with whom you are playing
  • If Mom or Dad have certain rules about playing in the neighborhood, remember that they are concerned about your safety and are trying to protect you
  • If you notice a stranger in your neighborhood or near school, let your parents or school staff know so that we can be on the alert
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